“Tell Everyone Now, today, I shall sing beautifully for my friend's pleasure We shall enjoy it As for him who finds fault, may silliness and sorrow take him!” Sappho

"Although I've been a celebrated singer my whole life, I didn't truly understand how my voice worked. Celia, my tone, my control, and my flexibility have improved so much that I no longer worry about "the right key”. I can step out there and pull off just about anything, even when the entire song sits right on (what used to be) my break! As a result, my confidence is through the roof." Jenny Katz, singer/performer. www.jennykatzmusic.com

“My voice has improved exponentially since starting with you. I don't believe you give "false" encouragement and you are truthful about your assessments. That is very important to me!” Fran O’Connell adult performing singer/songwriter

"Everyone should take voice lessons with Celia! It is so fun and she is so good!!!! Thanks Celia so much for coming to CAVEMAN. It is a testament to your teaching!!" Sheena See, actress with No Theater (most recently in the acclaimed CAVEMAN production) and Wooster Group.

"Do it! This lady will teach you how to sing!" Elizabeth Wojtusik, actor (most recently with Old Deerfield Productions) and teacher.

"What seemed impossible (or at least highly unlikely) just a few months ago now feels within my grasp." Devin Griffiths, blues guitarist/singer in the Wildcat O'Halloran band. "I enjoyed working with Celia because she helped me better understand the way my voice worked and thus helped me become a better singer." Anna Dynarski, actor and 'Jelena' in the award winning play “Miloshevic at the Hague” by the Serious Play! Theatre Ensemble.

"Celia makes singing lessons really fun, and has helped me feel confident about performing in front of an audience." Cami Bluh-Derricotte , elementary school student

 “Liv says you make her feel comfortable and at ease. I say any teacher who can engage my child in something she enjoys and hold her interest is worth their weight in gold.” Jill Lombardi, parent of 11 year old.

“I go to your lessons because they are fun, and I learn how to use my voice properly when singing something I love!” Calvin Ticknor-Swanson 14 year old  

“You have a magnetic personality. I am so glad Camila has you in her life.”  Michael B, parent of 8 year old.

“I come back for lessons because with every single one I find a difference in my voice afterward.  I have never felt as comfortable with a voice teacher as I do with you and I honestly think that every lesson is productive in one way or another.  Sometimes we tackle one big problem or we go after several little ones.  It all depends on the day! The constant results and improvements as well as your stellar attitude are why I always come back as often as I can.” Lauren Booth

“Your enthusiastic, constructive and kind instruction makes even those who have lost their voice comfortable in finding their way to singing again--because we are all born singers!”  Adult singer in choir Liz Hansen

"I think you're a fantastic teacher in all aspects. I first came to you about a year ago and I'm happy with how strong my voice feels, especially since I've been told before (by MDs) that the only way to achieve cord closure is surgically.  When we part each time, I feel like singing everything, even street signs :)” Anastasia Kurdia

“Celia as a teacher could not be any more helpful in freeing me of age old inhibitions around singing aloud in front of others. The Speech Level Training has been especially useful for me for exploring my vocal range. She's very versatile, patient, comic and talented - just the kind of teacher I need." Deirdre Muccio

“The improvements in my vocal abilities alone have been enough to help with the performance anxiety I've always had trouble dealing with. The ease of her character and her love for music are always inspiring me to keep singing." Tara Gampel

"Thank you so much for the performing opportunities you provide--that and the way you care about your students sets you apart from other teachers, and I greatly appreciate it, because it gets us out there in the world!” Susan Torrey, Singer/Songwriter www.susantorrey.com

"Recently, I started recording my own music. In the studio I realized that singing in bands for many years had damaged my voice and I needed to improve my vocal ability. In working with Celia, I have learned new habits that have improved the quality of my voice and increased my vocal range."
Brian Johnson