CELIA MILLER has enjoyed a career spanning two decades of performing, songwriting, and teaching. She teaches a vocal technique based on even registration through the bridges or passagio.  From 2008-2014 she studied with Master teachers of Speech Level Singing and was certified to Level 3. As well as at her private studio Celia has taught Jazz/Contemporary Vocal at Greenfield Community College and voice and piano at The Springfield Conservatory of Music. A published songwriter and performer, Celia also teaches music theory, music reading, beginner guitar and piano.

Celia uses both technical methods and her own insight and intuition to support the freeing of your unique voice. The technique will affect pitch, range, projection, ease and even your confidence. Celia works with singers of any genre though her expertise lies in contemporary styles such as pop, R&B, musical theater, folk, rock, jazz and blues. 

She presents biannual showcases of her students at local venues backed by a professional rock band so that students can learn the fundamentals of communicating with a band and performing on stage. Celia also brings music industry pros to present special workshops. 
Celia first began performing solo on guitar in 1992 playing her folk originals on the New England cafe circuit. In 2001 she released her first CD "While I Lay Watching". Critics called her a "major voice" and she went on to collaborate with other musicians and released her sophomore CD "Break" in 2003. Performing with a four-piece rock band with Celia on keys, she was featured in the "Northeast Performer", her music called "utterly haunting". Continuing to compose Celia has co-written with area musicians including the late Ken LaRoche, Peter Jones of The Jones Trio, Robby Baier of Soultube Recordings,and Bruce Knowlton of NUDE Recordings. Celia started sitting in with the band Live Jazz in Northampton, and went on to form The Celia Situation band, a jazz and R&B band who do standards and some originals.The Celia Situation performs regionally for private parties, weddings, and at area venues and have been reviewed as "A huge hit".