Reach your singing and musical goals whether you are a recording or performing artist or if you sing for personal enjoyment and growth.  Take one lesson with me and get new information to help you begin improving immediately. Increasing your range could take weeks. Mastering could take months/years (we are all students). But experiencing your voice in a new way can take one lesson.
My objective with each singer is that they are free to express themselves soulfully using their entire vocal range. Know how to cause your voice to do what YOU want it to do; don't let lack of technique dictate what you can sing.
Bring effortlessness and power into your muscular memory so that you have a voice you can rely on, on stage, at auditions, every day.  Develop your entire voice, lower, middle and upper ranges, and gain power, range, presence, expression.
Everyone can learn to sing better. For some it may take longer. You will benefit from learning vocal technique if you: get hoarse when you sing, sing out of tune, don’t like the tone of your voice, find your singing or speaking voice weak, don’t sing in your high range because you strain when you try to, or it feels weak. Take singing lessons with Celia and learn the mechanics of your instrument. How you are “playing” your voice is behind the “bad notes”, the weak voice, or the fear of singing. You can change how you’re playing it, by learning correct coordination.
Master your voice using a proven vocal technique. Register for a voice lesson at my Northampton, Massachussetts studio.